•   Our family has been raising Angus cattle for 3 generations, always selecting superior genetics, which has provided us with a small, carefully selected herd of cows that continually produce premium beef.

  •  Our cattle rotationally graze the lush pastures of our 155 acre family farm nestled off the shores of Lake Ontario in Western New York. As they graze, they fertilize and work the manure into the soil. They move on, and we leave the ground to breakdown the fertilizer and allow the grasses to grow back fully. This ensures environmental sustainability, avoids over-grazing thus reducing soil erosion, improving the water quality and enriching the quality of our land. No pesticides or chemicals are used on the pastures. We want to preserve our land for future generations.

  •  Our animals spend their entire life on the farm eating free choice grass or hay in the winter months. As they get older we offer the calves a small amount of grain to ensure a nicely marbled steak. We firmly believe this is essential to a juicy, tender steak and a delicious eating experience. 

  •  We practice humane animal husbandry, personally ensuring our cattle are taken care of, well fed and never administered growth hormones. All family members on the farm have gone through Beef Quality Assurance training, ensuring we handle the animals in the most humane way possible. We see it as our duty to keep the cattle stress-free, comfortable and happy at all times.

  •   Our cattle are slaughtered under 20 months of age, and the carcasses are dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days. This combination provides optimum tenderness and flavor.

  •   Our beef is processed at a small, local butchering facility that is USDA inspected; providing a guarantee of cleanliness and safety as well as a handcrafted product.

  •  Finally, our beef is flash frozen and vacuum sealed in Cryovac packages to maintain quality and ensure the safest, most wholesome and delicious protein you are sure to enjoy.    

  It is our mission to provide the highest quality natural beef that combines superior taste and tenderness, while ensuring environmental sustainability and food safety.