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Our family has been raising high quality Angus cattle for three generations.

Excelsior Farms in Kent, NY

We raise apples, peaches, angus cattle and kids on our farm just off the shores of Lake Ontario in Western New York. We pride ourselves in superior quality in every facet of our farm. Our small size allows us to focus on each animal and fruit tree with personal care. 




1193 Point Breeze Road
Kent NY 14477



From our family to yours. Bailey, Robert, Charlotte, and Cullen Bannister.

From our family to yours. Bailey, Robert, Charlotte, and Cullen Bannister.

  • Our family has been raising Angus cattle for 3 generations, always selecting superior genetics, which has provided us with a small, carefully selected herd of cows that continually produce premium beef.

  • Our cattle rotationally graze the lush pastures of our 155 acre family farm nestled off the shores of Lake Ontario in Western New York.

  • Our animals spend their entire life on the farm, and are finished on free choice hay and supplemented with hand fed grain to achieve the marbling which makes our beef so desirable.

  • We practice humane animal husbandry, personally ensuring our cattle are taken care of, well fed and never administered growth hormones.

  • Our cattle are butchered under 20 months of age, and the carcasses are dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days. This combination provides optimum tenderness in the beef.

  • Our beef is processed at a small, local butchering facility that is USDA inspected; providing a guarantee of cleanliness and safety as well as a handcrafted product.

  • Finally, our beef is flash frozen and vacuum sealed in Cryovac packages to maintain quality and ensure the safest, most wholesome and delicious protein you are sure to enjoy.

Custom Cuts


These orders are cut to your specifications, vacuum sealed, labeled and flash frozen. They are priced by hanging weight before cutting. You will take home approximately 2/3 of the weight, the rest being waste fat and bone. All of our beef is raised naturally and finished on our farm without any hormones or additives. Our beef is slaughtered under Federal Inspection. These prices do not include the butchering fees, which will vary depending on your cutting specifications. Stock up your freezer with beef cut exactly the way you want it!


$3.25 / lb

This is a front and hindquarter.

Average hanging weight is 400 pounds.



$3.50 / lb

A quarter blended from the hind and front quarters with the full variety of cuts, but half the weight of a side.

Average hanging weight is 200 pounds.


$3.25 / lb

Brisket, chuck roasts, stew cubes, Delmonico Steaks, short ribs, chuck eye steaks and ground beef.

Average hanging weight is 200 pounds.



$3.75 / lb

Choose either strip steaks & tenderloin or T-bone & Porter-house, then add sirloin, flank steak, round roasts, shanks & about 1/3 the weight in ground beef.

Average hanging weight is 200 pounds.


Order Now

To place an order please fill out the form below or call us at (585) 590–7945 or (585) 590-2390 from 10am – 6pm daily.

We prefer payment in cash or check when you pick up your order. We accept payment via Card with a 3% Processing Fee.

Pick Up Location
Please select where you would like to pick up your order.
Beef Packages
Cow Share (1/8)
(20) lbs. of Ground Beef
(2) New York Strip Steaks
(2) Chuck Eye Steaks
(2) Ribeye Steaks
(1) Sirloin Steak
(1) Brisket (~3 lbs.)
(2) Stew Meat (1 lb. each)
(1) Pot Roast (3-4 lbs.)
(1) Chuck Roast (3-4 lbs.)
(2) Pckgs. Stir Fry Strips (1 lb. each)
(2) Pckgs. Short Ribs ( 4 Ribs each)
Sunday Slow Roasting Package
(1) Chuck Roast (3-4lbs.)
(1) Pot Roast (3-4lbs.)
(2) lbs. Stew Meat
(2) Pckgs. Short Ribs (4 ribs each)
Butcher Block Assortment
(2) Full Cut Sirloin Steaks
(2) New York Strip Steaks
(2) Rib Eye (Delmonico) Steaks
(1) Flank Steak
Family Value Pack
(15) One lb. Packages of ground beef
(1) Chuck Roasts
(1) Round Roast
(2) Full Cut Sirloin Steaks
Steak House Selection
(4) Center Cut Tenderloin Steaks, 2” thick (Filet Mignon)
(4) New York Strip Steaks
(4) Rib Eye Steaks (Delmonicos)
Ground Beef Special
Please select the number of steaks you'd like. We will send you an invoice with a final total cost after the steaks have been weighed.
Poor Man's Ribeye, all the marbling and flavor of a Ribeye at half the cost.
2nd most tender steak and most underrated.
Roasts and Braising Cuts
Other Cuts
Once you place an order, we will reserve that portion of animal for you. We will then contact you via phone or email to get your cutting instructions, and arrange pick-up or delivery.
Whole Beef (2 sides) — $3.00/lb
Side of Beef (Half) — $3.25/lb
Split Side: (Mixed Quarter) — $3.50/lb

2019 CSA Program

Sign up for a subscription of our goods fresh from our farm!  You'll have a consistent, guaranteed supply of beef or eggs conveniently delivered to a location of your choice. All shares are available in "Full" or "Half" size. 

Pick-Up locations are: 

  • Genesee Country Farmer's Market, Batavia, NY ; Fridays 9am-4pm

  • Sourced Market and Eatery, Medina, NY ; Saturdays 10am-2pm

  • Excelsior Farms, Kent, NY ; Saturdays 10 am-2pm

You will chose your Pick-Up Location at checkout.  


*Shares will be dispersed in the First week of every month. The season will run from June through October.


Beef share

The ultimate way to get a wide variety of our beef cuts to your dinner table, without having to take up so much freezer space! You will receive a share each month including ground beef, steaks during the summer months and roasts during the winter months as well as some surprise cuts! Recipes will be included! 

Full Share : 1/4 Beef, about 80 lbs.
Half Share : 1/8 Beef, about 45 lbs.


Ground Beef Share

Is ground beef a staple in your household? This share is perfect for filling that need with our premium dry-aged ground beef.

Full Share : 50 lbs. or 10 lbs./Month
Half Share : 25 lbs. or 5 lbs./Month

CSA eggs.JPG

Egg Share

We have happy, free-ranging hens on the farm too! Get a consistent delivery of beautiful, nutritious eggs right from our farm every month.

Full: 10 dozen (2 every month)
Half: 5 dozen (1 every month)