These orders are cut to your specifications, vacuum packed in sealed packages, labeled and flash frozen.  They are priced by hanging weight before cutting. You will take home approximately 2/3 of the weight, the rest being waste fat and bone. This cutting loss is the reason the hanging weight price is lower than net weight prices. All of our beef is raised naturally and finished on our farm without any hormones or additives. Our beef is slaughtered under Federal Inspection. Processing and delivery are Free!

SIDE of BEEF (Half) -- $4.00/lb

This is a front and hindquarter.  

Average hanging weight is 400 pounds.

SPLIT SIDE: (Mixed Quarter) -- $4.00/lb

A quarter blended from the hind and front quarters with the full variety of cuts, but half the weight of a side.

Average hanging weight is 200 pounds.

FOREQUARTER-- $3.90/lb

Brisket, chuck roasts, stew cubes, Delmonico Steaks, short ribs, chuck eye steaks and ground beef.

Average hanging weight is 200 pounds.

HINDQUARTER-- $4.25/lb

Choose either strip steaks & tenderloin or T-bone & Porter-house, then add sirloin, flank steak, round roasts, shanks & about 1/3 the weight in ground beef.

Average hanging weight is 200 pounds.